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April 7, 2010

Linux in the coffeeshop (Part I)

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As you might have been reading in my blog before Yuki and Tetsuro are pro free culture. They do understand that sharing knowledge and distributing it freely brings lots of advantages. If you have been to the shop, you may have noticed that moving windows on the Bar-PC looks wobbly?

Or this strange music player called Amarok that is playing all the music every day. It’s Linux!

When Yuki and Tetsuro took over Betty Too, they had a Windows XP machine

playing music from I-tunes.

All thee shops  Cd’s had been ripped with I-tunes, after realizing that changing them a lot makes them unplayable due to scratches.  The machine had no Internet connection and was not fast, but efficient for the job. When Yuki asked for Internet connection at the bar, I volunteered and connected it to the LAN via a 30 meter networking cable.

After booting I installed all updates and service packs anti-spyware software and of course a anti-virus software. The anti-virus program told me that it found some Trojans and the anti-spyware program told me that I had several critical things on that pc. They all seemed old and the programs reported the pc to be free of bugs, but I was not sure how much I could trust this machine anymore.

How to prevent this in the future? The plan was to have a web-cam in the local-network, to monitor the first floor of the shop. I was really worried about privacy problems if somebody would hack that web cam and put pictures on the web without people knowing about it.

The real problem was – the very friendly guys behind the bar would (traditionally) except all other people to bring music via USB-sticks or Cd’s and copy it on the machine. They just wanted to be friendly, but had no idea about security or legal consequences. Windows seemed to me too accessible to be used for this kind of machine. A second PC for surfing was no option for space reasons, so I recommended the use of Ubuntu to prevent people  from storing data on that machine.


April 4, 2010

OggCamp 10

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OggCamp is a free software / free culture unconference organised by the presenters of the Ubuntu UK Podcast and Linux Outlaws. This year’s OggCamp will take place at The Black-E in Liverpool on the 1st and 2nd of May. The event will run approximately 10am – 5pm each day. The Black-E Entrance to OggCamp10 is free and no tickets are required.

The place to go!

OggCamp 10


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I failed to stay up to date with the events list. Sorry for that. As far as I can tell the friends of Bon Esprit & the Blaauw Boys are supporting them well, but I would like to keep the guys on my blog to show my support.

I was very glad to hear that they are actually working on the same party-project called “Fruitcake”. Please make sure you pass by to get some tickets at Betty Too – maybe you want to join the pre-party on the 10th of April. Tickets are sold for 9 Euros  only.

Sir Jason Scott presents the official FRUITCAKE pre-party BAKE SALE!

Hosted by outrageous drag sisters GINA HOPELEZZ & TINA HOPELEZZ

BITCHY BINGO – with cool prizes! LEKKER LEKKER Bake SALE – cupcakes, cookies, cakes and more! Fruitcake GOGO Boys ! Celebrities and Drag Queens!



The Blaauw Boys will provide the music for this crazy event – so expect a nice pre-party! So please come on Saturday, 10 April 2010 at 20:00 to the Reguliersdwarsstraat 29, Coffeeshop Betty Too

Free of charge!

Listen to this:

Stars of the night are two famous drag artists from the US. Have a look what you can expect from Sherry Vine and Joey Arrias

There will be many more things like a Punk band and the famous door bitch Stefan who is participating Project Catwalk. Please have a look at the included links and don’t forget to pass by at Betty Too to buy your ticket.

March 2, 2010

Drag King Betty 2010

This year there will be another Drag-King event during the gay-pride Amsterdam. The event will be held in the Reguliersdwarsstraat by the King Betty Foundation.

The foundation tries to bring LGBT issues to a wide public. Although I’m neither lesbian,  gay, lesbian, bisexual nor transgender, I certainly support anyone who is trying to make this world more friendly. To support them, I did some brainstorming on a regular podcast for the foundations website.

I will post a little more in the future – especially when the website of the foundation will be relaunched. Until than I would like to invite you to join the facebook-group.

Here are some pictures of lasts years contest:


Event Flyer was done by famous Drag Queen Nickie Nicole (

The not so normal Coffeeshop

It all started with a workshop on the evening before the contest. Manny of the potential Kings got the feeling for it…

Some of the potential Kings had experience and some did not. No problem – we had help from Johnny Dragking.

Johnny giving tips & tricks for the change during the workshop


Johnny explained how to make perfect a perfect dick.

The girls liked it and did their own:

You need balls!

Fun with a dick

Testing the new dick

Does it fit?

If you want more information and picture I recommend the following links:

The official website

The official blog

and here some links to other media:

My Picasa Web Album and the Kingbetty Picasa Album

Music was provided by Hank Disaster see this crazy French guy on the Bon Esprit website

February 26, 2010

My journey to Linux

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Around three years back, I had my first working Ubuntu machine up and running. Like many other users I got in trouble with my Windows-XP installation, due to a virus. The virus did not only infect my hard-disk, but also affected my back-up. I kept my machine up to date, had anti virus software installed and all of my software was legal, but still some virus was smart enough to hide longer than my two back-up cycles. All was lost! I was very angry…

Why would I trust Microsoft again and provide them my precious data, if a virus can hide in their OS for more than 2 months? Should I really continue to pay my yearly fee to renew a virus protection that failed on me? How much time would it take to reinstall my system to a state that allows me to be productive?

While thinking about it, I realised that one of my favourite computer magazines contained a “Live CD” of Ubuntu. Having to install from scratch anyway, I decided to give Ubuntu a try thinking that I could fall back to Windows if needed.

I had read some articles about Linux in several computer related publications and websites in the past, but it always looked geeky to me. Not that I don’t like geek stuff, but I really couldn’t imagine that this can be mastered without classes. The articles were praising the GPL and Open Source and the (user-)options seemed to be enormous. My understanding though, was that this was mainly from It-experts for It-experts.

This Live-CD was working impressively fine. The magazine was not wrong – it looked a bit unfamiliar brownish, but I was able to try the whole system in less than 10 minutes time! After booting I realised, that there was not only a full operating system, but also a huge bunch of applications already loaded with the CD. A Office Suite, Browser, Audio Player and so on. All of that on one CD? Actually the magazine was showing a step by step tutorial how to install multimedia codecs, so I was happy to see that all my hardware was recognised and I would be able to listen to music.

I decided to install on my hard-disk and was done after not much longer than 60 minutes. (I have to admit that the machine was waiting a lot for ME reading, the install would have been done much quicker otherwise.) I repeated the codec tutorial and started exploring…

(to be continued!)

My favorite music sources

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Damien & Jeroen

Don’t miss their website. They release podcast versions of their djsets to download.

Genre: Electronic, Dance, Club

Future Gig(s):

HOMA – maandag 1 maart




Party –
Start Time:
Monday, 01 March 2010 at 20:00
End Time:
Tuesday, 02 March 2010 at 02:00
Club 8 Amsterdam


Google maps


THE DRUGSTORE LAD aka Hank Disaster

Current location:Amsterdam, Netherlands
Birthday:25 December
Hometown:Amsterdam, Netherlands

Description: French geek :))



He also releases his mixes on Soundcloud.

You find him on the Bon Esprit website.

Bon-Esprit is a rowdy bunch of English-speaking Frenchies based in Amsterdam.
Punk and chic, we bring manners to white-trash.
Our motley crew of artists, personal coaches, designers, P.R. and skateboard addicts concocts a wide variety of events: Fancy-dressed picnics, i-pod battles, Riot Girlz balls and Parties with the cream of the underground scene…
Always in a decadent and generous spirit.

Future Gig(s):

Who Let The Bull Out??!!

Dress Code: Rednecks, Boeren met smaak, Campesinos…

Samidi the Bass Riot (NL) Eclectik Black Beatz

Tomahawk Bang Bang (NL/FR/Bon Esprit) Pumpin Electro

Hank Disaster (NL/FR/Bon Esprit) Electro Disco Punk n Roll

Masters of Ceremony: SuperMinou, Mr U and Blusher

Entry: FREE!!!

February 20, 2010


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this is my first blog and first blogpost

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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