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February 26, 2010

My journey to Linux

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Around three years back, I had my first working Ubuntu machine up and running. Like many other users I got in trouble with my Windows-XP installation, due to a virus. The virus did not only infect my hard-disk, but also affected my back-up. I kept my machine up to date, had anti virus software installed and all of my software was legal, but still some virus was smart enough to hide longer than my two back-up cycles. All was lost! I was very angry…

Why would I trust Microsoft again and provide them my precious data, if a virus can hide in their OS for more than 2 months? Should I really continue to pay my yearly fee to renew a virus protection that failed on me? How much time would it take to reinstall my system to a state that allows me to be productive?

While thinking about it, I realised that one of my favourite computer magazines contained a “Live CD” of Ubuntu. Having to install from scratch anyway, I decided to give Ubuntu a try thinking that I could fall back to Windows if needed.

I had read some articles about Linux in several computer related publications and websites in the past, but it always looked geeky to me. Not that I don’t like geek stuff, but I really couldn’t imagine that this can be mastered without classes. The articles were praising the GPL and Open Source and the (user-)options seemed to be enormous. My understanding though, was that this was mainly from It-experts for It-experts.

This Live-CD was working impressively fine. The magazine was not wrong – it looked a bit unfamiliar brownish, but I was able to try the whole system in less than 10 minutes time! After booting I realised, that there was not only a full operating system, but also a huge bunch of applications already loaded with the CD. A Office Suite, Browser, Audio Player and so on. All of that on one CD? Actually the magazine was showing a step by step tutorial how to install multimedia codecs, so I was happy to see that all my hardware was recognised and I would be able to listen to music.

I decided to install on my hard-disk and was done after not much longer than 60 minutes. (I have to admit that the machine was waiting a lot for ME reading, the install would have been done much quicker otherwise.) I repeated the codec tutorial and started exploring…

(to be continued!)


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